The Elite Competition Team

The Elite Competition Team

Miss Lauren Laperle-Greco and Miss Colleen’s Elite Dance Centre bring you the Elite Competition Team. Our elite team is designed for experienced dancers in jazz, ballet, and tap styles who are looking to take their skills to the next level and compete in regional, state, and national dance competitions.

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Instruction Under Miss Lauren Laperle-Greco

Our elite competitive dance program is led by Miss Lauren Laperle-Greco, a professional dancer who has been a student, a champion, and a professional performer and choreographer for over 30 years! Miss Lauren has trained and performed with professional companies and is passionate about helping her students reach their fullest potential. Our approach at Miss Colleen's Elite Dance Centre is to evaluate and place your child in a class that is both suitable for their skill level and age. We strive to provide positive reinforcement and quality dance instruction that will help to build their self-esteem and exceed their dance expectations. Our goal is to enable them to reach their full potential and become the best dancers they can be.

young girl smiling during performance wearing a sequin costume

Quality Dance Education to Raise Up Excellent Dancers

Under Miss Lauren’s instruction, our Elite Competition Team will work on creating competitive pieces in jazz, ballet, and tap styles. We will also help our students develop their performance skills, teach them proper technique, and work with them on the proper costumes and makeup for each routine.

back of girl doing the splits while jumping

Competitive Opportunities

Dancers in our Elite Competition Team will also have the opportunity to compete in regional, state, and national level competitions. We will provide our students with the resources and support necessary to ensure that they are fully prepared for each competition.

We’ll Help Your Child Become the Best Dancer They Can Be

At Miss Colleen’s Elite Dance Centre, we are dedicated to helping our students become the best dancers they can be. Our Elite Competition Team offers a unique opportunity for advanced dancers to hone their skills, work with a professional instructor, and compete in competitions. If you are an experienced dancer looking to take your dance skills to the next level, join us and join Miss Lauren Laperle-Greco’s Elite Competition Team today.

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