It Feels Like My Second Home

- Kelly

For a school project I had to write a letter to someone that I admire and look up to and that person is you. You are kind, loyal, and the nicest person I know. You inspired me to do the best at dance and dreams happen if you work hard. You are very funny and make me smile every day. When I walk into your dance studio it feels like my second home. I love coming there and you get me through hard times in life. You create happy environments for all your dancers and if you don’t think so here are some reasons why.

You encourage everyone to support their fellow team members. I think this is nice. You teach us that dance is a sport and if someone says it’s not you tell them it is. Also you teach us great sportsmanship. Like if someone places and you don’t you are happy for them. It doesn’t even matter. We are one team and we dance as a team. You also push me to dance the best I can in competition dances and other classes. You remind us to keep working hard. I would not be the person I am today without your help and enthusiasm. You started something, the “Being kind is cool” motto last year. We won the best studio award for our kindness and talent.

Now the studio is closed but, I like how since we are closed for a little while, you made Zoom work so we can still dance and make the best out of the situation we are in. You were a fantastic dancer and I want to live up to that like you did. You pick out great teachers to teach us and we are unstoppable. You are the best role model I can ask for.

Thank you for bringing your sweet smile into my world and always being at my side when I need it. Your dance studio lets me forget about my bad days and make it start all new. You put in so much effort for us and I really do appreciate it. The sky is the limit and I am going for it. Thanks for helping me be the person I am today.