I Feel Fortunate To Have Been A Part Of The EDC Family

- Julie

Just after one dance class at Miss Colleen’s you will understand why it’s the place to be for your dance career. I entered EDC at the start of my tween years. Having little to no experience with dance, Miss Colleen and the entire studio embraced me and gave me an abundance of confidence. The environment was always homely, making me feel the most at ease before putting on my shoes and entering the room. With growth, something I’ve learned in retrospect is that dance is a form of therapy. Different types of physical movements and categories of music allow us to navigate cognitively and emotionally. It’s at Miss Colleen’s studio where I found my true form of self-esteem. EDC allowed me to be a free-spirit without forcing me to comply with societal rules of being who I am and who I’m supposed to be: frankly, I never felt judged. Although a small applause or shoutout in front of the class by Miss Colleen may seem trivial, it is actually what contributed in a huge way to building my self-esteem. Miss Colleen, along with her entire staff allows their dancers to use the studio as an outlet in various ways: after those long, studious days at school, or even after a significant and lively day, allowing you to release and feel rejuvenated. Dance teachers and dance friends are there with you. They cheer with you on your best days and help you through your worst. I began my dance journey with Miss.Colleen in grade school and ended in high school, to this day, at the age of 23, I still hold a bond with Miss Colleen. I feel fortunate to have been a part of the EDC family throughout my youth years and will always retain and cherish the studio and everything it has served me.