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Contemporary dance combines elements of ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical to form its own, unique style of movement. This type of dance is highly expressive, utilizing a mixture of choreography and improvisation to allow dancers to express themselves as much as possible. Contemporary dance is perfect for emotive children who might otherwise feel constrained by more classical, restrictive styles of dance. 

Our contemporary dance classes include:

  • Intro to Contemporary
  • Contemporary
  • Teen Contemporary
  • Elite Competition Team

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Contemporary dance emerged in the 1900s as a rebellion against the strict rules of classical ballet, choosing to focus instead on the outward expression of inner feelings. This style of dance emphasizes creativity in choreography and performance, giving dancers room to improvise depending on where their emotions and the moment take them. Our dance instructors encourage all of our contemporary students to refer to the three fundamental elements of the genre — body, space, and time — to develop their own movements and create an overall artistic impression. 

Variety is essential when it comes to teaching contemporary dance. Featuring everything from the powerful legwork of ballet, to the dramatic movement of lyrical, and even elements of African and Japanese dance, contemporary dance lessons at Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre always provide students with something new and interesting to learn. This style of dance is perfect for students who may otherwise find themselves getting restless with more limited genres. 

Contemporary dance classes not only provide students with the physical benefits of flexibility, posture, and fitness, but they can also improve mental health. Contemporary dance can reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression for children struggling emotionally by creating a space where they can express their innermost feelings and conflicts without worrying about judgement.

We offer contemporary dance classes for students ages seven and up, and welcome students of all skill levels. Our dance academy in Rockville Centre features five spacious studios with sprung-loaded floors and room-level mirrors for students to observe their form. Whether your child aspires to dance professionally or is just looking to have some fun, our instructors will take the time to get to know them, including their ambitions and anxieties, and help them achieve their dreams.

If you think that contemporary dance could be a good fit for your child, register them for classes at our Rockville Centre dance studio today, or get in touch with us for any questions or concerns.