Two Types of Dance at Once: What are the Benefits


Summer break is a time for children to load up on extra activities and spend some time doing the things that they love. If your child is a dance fanatic, adding a second dance class to their summer schedule is something that you should consider.

Though two dance classes at the same time sounds like it could be overwhelming and time consuming for your child, there are quite a few benefits that come from taking two different types of dance classes at once. In today’s blog post, we are going to touch on a few of the main reasons that we think your child could benefit from two different types of dance.

Different Teachers

One of the primary benefits of participating in multiple dance classes is that they are often taught by different people. Though some classes will have an overlap in instructors, it’s not common that the same teacher will teach two different classes. The benefit to this is that they can get different experiences, different teaching styles, and different individuals to play a part in their development with dance.

Most teachers will have different methods of keeping children invested throughout the class. It’s a great way to keep children interested in dance and attending classes. If they’re getting bored of one specific style, they might find more enjoyment by discovering other forms, which leads us to our next point.

Discovering the Right Type of Dance

Some dancers know what type of dance they are called to do, while others need a few classes of various styles to really discover what type of dance they’re passionate about. If your child has been sticking to the same type of dance for years, it could be extremely valuable for them to try a different type of dance.

Even when children do follow one specific type of dance that they love, they may excel at a type of dance that they may have never considered trying before. Even if it’s just one session of the dance class that they participate in, you can always count on them growing and developing in one way or another.

New Movements

Each form of dance offers a lot of different types of movement, which is another benefit to participating in multiple types of dance. Though you may not carry a dance move from one class to the next, you will definitely incorporate the strength that you gain in every single class.

Moves from one class will strengthen muscles that aren’t used as much in the other dance class that they’re participating in. Though those muscles aren’t used the same in each class, the strength that they develop will help them gain control over their movement to improve their skills as a whole. The more familiar that your child becomes with their body and how to move it, the better that they will be at dancing.

Stop by Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre

There are so many benefits to partaking in different types of dance classes, and we love being able to help children get the experience and exposure that they need to succeed in their passions. While our blog has touched on many of the reasons that your child will benefit from multiple classes, you’ll see how much more they benefit once they’re actually participating in multiple dance classes.

Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre offers a wide selection of classes in Rockville Centre so that your child can find the type of dance that they are passionate about. Whether you want to sign up for one class or add a couple to your child’s summer schedule, reach out to our team today, and we can help you get signed up! Make sure to check out the rest of our blogs for additional topics to help you make the most of your child’s time spent dancing.