Preparing for a New Dance Season

At Miss Coleen’s Elite Dancentre, we are constantly looking for new students to join in our dance classes. For that reason, there are dance classes offered year round so that your child has the opportunity to join in whenever they’re ready. The downfall, however, is that we do have certain seasons for classes so that our little dancers have the opportunity to evolve and grow with other students that are at the same pace.

A new dance season is about to begin. Check out today’s blog post for a few tips on how you can prepare for this new season.

Pick Your Classes

Whether it’s one class that your child will be attending, or multiple, one of the first things that you’re going to need to do is select the classes. You'll want to take into consideration which days and times works best for you, as well as determine which classes your child will be most interested in.

Invest in Dancewear

If it’s your child’s first time participating in dance classes, then one of the ways that you’ll need to prepare for this new season is by purchasing dancewear. Every genre of dance has a different type of “uniform” or suggested dress, all to ensure that the dancer is comfortable.

Check the Dress Code

As we mentioned, every genre of dance has a different type of style, but more importantly, every dance studio has a dress code. Before you go out and invest in new dancewear for your dancer, it’s best to stop by the dancentre and determine exactly what type of clothing they’re expected to wear and what the dress code is so that you are able to follow it.

Prepare the Fuel

Every dancer is going to be burning a crazy amount of energy and calories while they’re participating in class, and when it comes to your children, balancing school and one or more dance classes can be draining. Before dance season begins, it’s important that you find fuel types that will help keep their energy levels high. This includes preparing for large quantities of hydrating as well as snacks that are healthy and that they love.

Get to Know the Teacher & Centre

The last step that we suggest before the dance season begins is to spend some time getting to know your instructor and the classroom that your little dancer will be spending time in. They will be spending so much time with this instructor and in this location that it’s important for them to be comfortable while they’re there. Whether it’s a tour that you come in and enjoy, or it’s a pre-season event, taking advantage of these opportunities is good for both you and your tiny dancer.

Visit Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre

If you are ready for your child to start dance lessons, then it’s time for you to stop by Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre. We offer a wide range of classes for your child to join, regardless of the experience that they have. Check out the different dance classes that we provide and look over the fall schedule that we have. Contact us today or visit our location in Rockville for any assistance.