Benefits of Competitive Dance: Part 2


Competitive sports are one of the many things that children fall into as they grow up. It’s at this time that they often fall in love and find their passion as well. When it comes to dance, there are countless ways that children grow and develop from participating in competitive dance.

Whether you’re on the fence about having your child enroll in dance classes or taking it to the level where they compete, keep reading. Here are a few of the ways that children benefit from competitive dancing.


Unfortunately, dance isn’t one of the first sports that come to mind when people think about “team sports,” but it 100 percent is. When a child participates in competitive dance, they are going to be spending quite a bit of time with the same group of people — not only in class, at competitions too. With as much time that is spent together, it’s inevitable that they become close and form a bond that many of them will share for life.

Aside from that, to compete on a stage and do well, all of the dancers need to work together and learn to trust and depend on one another. This form of teamwork shows young dancers how crucial their role in a team is.

Hard Work

There’s no doubt about it, competitive dance requires hard work. By no means does this mean that competitive dancing is any less fun, but it definitely does require dedication. For starters, practice is something that they are going to need to make the most of. Taking advantage of every lesson and additional time to practice is something that they are going to need to do. That’s not the only time dedication will be important, though.

Competitive dancing means that there will also be competitions that need to happen. These meets could take place during the weekends. But it’s all of those hours of practice that make the competition worth every minute.

Sense of Achievement

Dancing is beautiful, and it is fun, but there is no doubt that sweat and tears go into every competition. With new choreography comes challenges and new moves to learn. On a personal level, there is a lot of learning that goes on. Perfecting the choreography on a personal level and making sure that each move is seamless is one thing, but having an entire team get the choreography down is another.

When the group of dancers finally goes out to perform and shows the audience everything that they’ve been working towards, it’s a sense of accomplishment that only they can understand. But, it’s this achievement that can show dancers how to apply this method of hard work in other areas of their lives as they grow up.

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