• The Novel Corona Virus, Covid 19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World  Health Organization. Covid-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person to person contact. As a result, federal, state, and local governments and federal and state health agencies recommend social  distancing and have, in many locations, prohibited the congregation of groups of people.

    Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre, LTD has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, attending Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre LTD. could increase your risk and your child’s risk of contracting Covid-19. Because of Covid-19 I recognize that Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre has taken the following precautions.

    • Placing UV Lighting in all HVAC systems in the building.
    • Placing UV lights in the vents of Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre
    • Placing Air purification systems with UV lights throughout the dance studio.
    • Hiring a cleaning attendant to constantly wipe down and disinfect all areas that may have been touched. Bathrooms will be cleaned after each and every use by attendant.
    • Electrostatic Disinfection will be completed every Sunday evening
    • Splendid Cleaning Crew will be cleaning the studio Monday thru Saturday evening.
    • Purell stations at every studio entrance and exit.
    • Safety Glass Barriers at the front desk
    • All online registration and payment options
    • Brand new bathrooms with touch-less utilities for a safer cleaner environment.
    • Covid Opening Manuals set up online and also available at the studio for everyone to read.
    • New Dress Codes
    • Homework area re-designed to fit all the children’s needs for storage and social distancing
    • No parents allowed in the waiting area.

    By signing this agreement, I acknowledge the contagious nature of the Covid-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that my child(ren) and I may be exposed to or infected by Covid-19, Flu, or any viral infections while attending Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre. I voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to my children or myself (including, but not limited too, personal injury and disability) illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that I or my children may experience or incur in connection with my child(ren) attendance at Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre LTD. On my behalf and on behalf of my children, I hereby release, covenant not to sue, discharge and hold harmless, Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre, it’s employees, agents and representatives of and from the claims including all liabilities claims actions damages cost or expense of any kind arising out of or relating there to. I understand and agree that this release includes any claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of Miss Colleen’s, its employees and representatives whether a Covid 19 infection occurs before, during or after participation in any Miss Colleen’s Elite Dancentre programs.

    By registering and paying for any class, event, private lesson, or other activity in person or through The Elite Dancentre website, you are agreeing to all of the above conditions and waivers.


See how we are handling COVID upon re-opening.

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